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Too Hot: How to put intense energy on ice so you can actually deal with it

Something needs to change but you're so overwhelmed you can't even think straight. That's where this simple ritual comes in! Learn how to book that energy on ice so that you can actually deal with it.

seth meyers says IT'S GO TIME!

Lesson 5 - Build! Test! Launch!

The final pieces to the regenerative framework

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Lesson 4 - Mapping Your Sequences for Sanity

Process mapping is the GOAT and too many solo-to-small businesses don't know about it! Let's fix that 💪🏽

"See, now this all makes sense!"

Lesson 3 - Understanding Flodesk Workflows

We've laid our foundations and now it's time to understand the workflow dialog.

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Lesson 2 - Custom Email Templates

A template is just a pre-built thing. Learn how to make the best kind of template there is: one customized for your needs.

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Lesson 1 - Segments

The foundation of literally every cool or useful thing Flodesk can do! Let's get into it.

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Lesson 0 - Alignment

The alignment check is non-negotiable! Make sure you give a damn about the thing before you spend your time on it.

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Regenerative Email Mini Course

You don't have to hate sending your business's emails! Befriending workflows will change your life. This mini-course teaches you everything you need to know about Flodesk workflows from planning to launch.