✦ DIY doesn't have to suck. Master it in a week. ✦

practical, meet magickal

When the earth-bound perspective isn't yielding the results you want, it's time to tap in and see yourself + your business from a higher perspective.

Cosmic guidance and mystical tools are the vehicle for opening new roads + getting out of your own way.

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Expansive and fluff-free

This journey + channeling session is for business owners and individuals who want a higher, expansive perspective of this season of their life. Whether your intention is to understand where you are or just see what's possible, ✧ALCHEMY sessions are your vehicle for expansion.

Straight from the source

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How it works

  • ① I lead you on a personalized grounding meditation.
  • ② I intuitively bring in tools including tarot and archetypes along with opening a channel for your + your business's highest expression (read: your spiritual team, guides, or whatever term resonates with you. It's all the same.)
  • ③ You have plenty of space to ask questions and receive guidance on where you are now or where you want to go in the business.