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Sup? I'm Brit and I speak fluent creative weirdo

Official title: Tech Goddess (yes, rly)

I'm here to let the creatives, mystics, and misfits in business who know you don't have to sacrifice authenticity or shrink yourself.

Hi! It's me, software developer, designer, creator, and professional weirdo tech partner of your dreams.

Here's my Why I'm Cool speed-dating pitch:

  • 💥 I've been a full-time software developer + designer since 2016 because I believe that tech needs more magic and intention. I work with the coolest people on the planet (aka folks like you) to craft digital experiences where the vibes are right and tight.
  • 💥 As a software developer, I can work with any platform or build the one you're yearning for. About half my clients are using a site-builder like Squarespace or Kajabi and the other half use custom platforms I've built. My software background means we'll craft a solution that works for you, not smush your needs into my skillset.
  • 💥 Je suis une huge nerd. I love film, TV, and the written word. When I'm not in mega tech nerd world, I'm in mega film + TV nerd world. I love an international drama. I'm trying to find a new show to love rn but idk man, the world's just dimmer since Succession ended. Permission to slide into my DMs to talk to me abt my bbg Kendall Roy, btw.
  • 💥 Spiritual, mystical practices are a huge part of my life and my work. I've been divining the websites and apps I create since I was a Geocities obsessed kid! If you're spiritually curious, too, there are some fun ways of integrating the unseen into our work together.
mixed media image of brit taking a selfie in front of a starry portal

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