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Regenerative Email Mini Course

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I don't know anyone who loves the work of sending emails 😬

The creative process, the catharsis of writing, or the excitement of sharing? Sure.

But by and large, the actual process of doing them blows. Espeeeecially if you're sending them in our oft-recommended but rarely fully understood friend, Flodesk. I love it, but it doesn't exactly roll out the red carpet to total email newbies the way you'd expect.

Most people don't ever really learn how to use it and just make do with the most obvious functionality. Which, ok. But then you're not really getting the benefits of the magic of an email service.
And Flodesk happens to be both the easiest to use and the most underused email provider out there.

If you're a biz owner who's tired of the manual process of keeping track of and sending your emails OR if you just wanna send more emails without doing your head in, I made an email mini-course for you. Yes, you.

It's the Regenerative Email mini-course and I'll walk you through building fully automated email workflows in Flodesk from the ground up over 5 consecutive emails.

Ya even if you've never used the workflow feature.

Yes, even if you wanna send things lead magnets and nurture sequences but you have no idea where to start.

I gotchu.

You need to be lightly familiar with Flodesk before starting (read: comfortable navigating it for basic functions), but you don't need to be an expert by any means.

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jokey gif of audrey horne from twin peaks gazing lovingly at john. Audrey you, Flodesk John!

If my email provider made me feel like I was gazing into the eyes of prime 80s-90s Billy Zane, I'd have NO PROBLEMS hitting publish regularly. Alas, it don't 😔

I had to learn to love Flodesk like a person, tricky bits and all. When I did, I realized the perceived flaws were my problem. It's true of kind of every other tool you use, too. Sorry.

Do they have room to grow? Who doesn't.

But I was expecting my sweet lil $19/mo email service to compete with a linear-priced (aka going up in $$$ the more you use it), mega-feature-rich alternative built for huge companies. So who was really the problem?

(me. I was the problem.)

Flodesk is a sleek, affordable service that fills a very specific need: dead simple email for solo-to-small businesses. Das it.

I've heard (and instigated plenty hey hey 🙊) of trash talk about Flodesk.

A lot of that talk is because we're expecting it to do things it's not meant to do and often (wait for it) things we don't actually need it to. We get so hung up on cool factor that we don't think about our actual needs.

I created the Regenerative Email Mini-Course to help folks who have been ambivalent-to-hostile about sweet baby Flodesk learn to use it in a way that works for them.

We're building towards not only understanding the cool features in Flodesk but in using those to make email a fun, engaging, regular part of your bidness. You'll get my software engineer brain popping in your inbox for 5 straight days to school you in plain English on:

✺ How to think about Flodesk as a platform so you can make it work for you (this is CRUCIAL to that fun relationship we're going for)

✺ The technical shit aka probably what you hate most (if you get overwhelmed with things like automation and planning, listen up! this section's for you.)

✺ How to build a flexible structure (we're all chaotic creator-channelers over here – structure is non-negotiable. I'll show you how to make it sexy, too.)

✺ Exactly how to get starting building workflows (complete with walkthroughs on things like building automated lead magnets + customized newsletters based on interest.)

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billy zane flodesk

Imma be honest, Flodesk is not my only email bae in rotation. Ya girl has multiple businesses, hobby projects, and clients aplenty; no one tool could meet all of those varied needs, content models, strategies, and goals.

But I fuck with Flodesk solely for:
❣ Service-based businesses (solopreneur and small businesses)
❣ New and exploratory business that just need something up so they can start experimenting ASAP
❣ Funsies project email lists and newsletters
❣ Writers and any other creatives who need a way to share wins, new projects, and drops easily

It has...
🔥 good lookin' pre-built templates (a must if you just wanna plug in your branding and 𝙜𝙤)
🔥 hooks to Zapier 𝘢𝘯𝘥 e-commerce platforms
🔥 a clean und modern interface (ʀᴀʀᴇ among the big boys)
🔥 and (my love) workflows to build your automated campaigns, promos, and lead magnets

If you're already using a robust tool you love, I'm not tryna get you to switch! Honest.

🅑🅤🅣 if you snapped up that sweet $19/mo deal and are now letting your account collect digital dust 𝙤𝙧 you just never really figured out how to use Flodesk beyond sending simple one-off emails, I 𝘢𝘮 here to say, "Hey, bb – take me by the hand and lemme show you the Flodesk way really quick. Like over 5 days 😁"

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