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Lesson 0 - Alignment

# Intro to Flodesk Workflows
animated representation of the 4 elements


Defining the purpose of this mini-course

  • What tangible actions do I want to know how to take in Flodesk once this mini-course is done?
  • How could those actions support me, my business, and the people I serve?
  • How can I best support my own learning?
  • How will I keep myself accountable to my own goals for this mini-course?

I also recommend having one workflow you want to implement at the end of this course. Each day's emails have manageable action steps and knowing what you're building towards will help make them easier.

See your initial email (titled: "What have you gotten yourself into?") for ideas.

If you're still stuck, I recommend a simple lead magnet. A lead magnet is just a free piece of valuable information that gets people jazzed about signing up for your email list. If you've never made one, now is a great time!

I'm always down to brainstorm; if you're stuck on what your lead magnet should be, hit reply on today's email! Be sure to tell me what your business is if you do that.

When you're done, head on to today's Flodesk lesson: Segments!👇🏽